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Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed?
by CL at 2008-01-25 14:09:24 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Prior to erecting the turbine
Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed Prior to erecting the turbine.

I was thinking of putting one up in roughly the position of the hub height and measuring the windspeed over the year. There will be no power on site so it will have to run on batteries and I will have to be able to download the data to my Laptop once a week or once a month.

Any body know where I could get one or have used one, not much luck so far searching on the net, I can find the equipment but no prices or stores selling it

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Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? CL - 2008-01-25 14:09:24
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Wilco - 2008-01-26 02:33:51
We use one ourselves which is able to work on a solar panel if needed. It uses a SD card to store the data (up to a year). We are very satisfied with the product. It doesn't freeze up here in the winter climate of Ontario. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you the info.
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? CL - 2008-01-26 09:00:43
I'm very interested, it sounds perfect, can you give me a link to it?


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Wilco - 2008-01-28 00:58:04
The wind datalogger is from APRS.
You can purchase it through APRS in the US directly : http://www.aprsworld.com/wind2/ or through us as a dealer for them, same pricing. We have the basic datalogger kit in stock. The quality is great, so far it has been a very reliable datalogger. The solar panel, cable, connector and casing can be purchased locally saving you on shipping. Shoot me an e-mail.

Wilco Vercoelen
Dommelvalley Green Power

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Nigel Wilson - 2008-01-26 08:35:44
Hi, Ive been using a Wind & Son anemometer and logger for 18 months. The logger accumulates hours 0f speed in 1m/s intervals from 0 to 20. Runs on 2 AA batteries, comes with 10 m cable. I take the readings monthly and transfer them to a spreadsheet. Cost £309. Their phone 01568 760671, email info@windandsun.co.uk
There are cheaper ones around, this one suits me.
Nigel Wilson
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? CL - 2008-01-26 09:01:56
Thanks Nigel I'll look into it
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Nico Peterschmidt - 2008-01-26 16:27:32
My company INENSUS produces compact wind monitoring sytems for small wind turbine site assessment. We call it aeolog. It consists of one or two anemometers (Thies), a wind vane, temperature sensor, if required solar sensor (for hybrid system design). The data logger running on a battery stores 10 min averages, max., min., etc. on an SD card and evaluates the data (weibull distribution, averages, wind speed distribution over wind direction) which can be looked up at the display of the data logger. Everything is readily connected to a 10 or 15 m tower (incl. guy wires, base plate, etc.) and goes into a wooden box to be sent cost effectively by parcel service and installed within approx. 30 min. Prices between 600 and 1900 Ä plus VAT and shipping. Hiring option inside EU. Just logger and anemometer available, too. For more information have a look at www.inensus.com
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Simon Ridout - 2008-01-27 10:30:54
Just a thought. Would an INENSUS container mounted wind turbine get round planning issues? It is a temporary structure and could be dismantled and moved off site for one day each year if required! If there is no generator or diesel tanks in the container some extra ballast may be needed. This could be concrete blocks, sandbags or water drums.



Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Nico Peterschmidt - 2008-01-27 15:03:30
We tried to avoid building permissions using the container in Germany. Unfortuntely, our muncipality was very strict and we just got a limited permit for five years. From my experience in Germany I can say that there are no general regulations. Requirements for permits depend on the person of your authorities you talk to. In some regions it is definitely worthwile trying to build small wind turbines on movable structures. However, if you do not want to use the container as a room for batteries there are cheaper ways of building movable structures.
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? muymalestado - 2008-01-27 16:19:07
My first port of call is usually here.

This forum is quite good if interested in weather.

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? CL - 2008-01-29 13:24:27
Thanks I found some good links on there,

I ended up ordering this one


I'm going to take weekly average readings off it to build up a picture for over the whole year, prior to making my decision



Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? muymalestado - 2008-01-29 13:35:28
If I recollect rightly that forum had a lengthy debate which included Inspeed - the point in question was the time interval various anemometer makers used to define a gust.

The short of it was Inspeed was good as it uses a short (1 second ?) interval while others used 3, or 5, or 10 seconds over which the speed was averaged. The shorter interval captures more like instant point speed and is more likely to catch a real maximum/minimum.

Tell us how it goes. I'll sit, watch and wish I had one. Though, someone could tell her just before next Christmas.

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2008-01-29 22:58:14
Maybe take a look at www.windsurvey.co.uk and www.windandsun.co.uk/wind_monequipment.htm

You may also find the attached article by Hugh Piggott of interest, together with the BRE guidelines, which indicate how different the windspeed at rooftop level in an urban environment may be from the DTI - NOABL database.


PDF file (3Mb limit) Estimating Wind Energy
PDF file (3Mb limit)
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? CL - 2008-01-30 11:27:39
Thanks Peter
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2008-01-30 11:32:46
I should have added to my previous post, that I considered taking measurements as you suggest; a solution I investigated was available from James Jefferson Jarvis of APRS World in the US (jj@aprsworld.net). Photos are attached.

In the end, I did not go ahead with this as I felt our site was ok and did not justify the cost and time involved. This seems to have been validated as our 10 kW Bergey generated 13.5 mW in the first 12 months of operation, which was about 15% less than our 'best estimate' prior to install. Our 'best' week (to date) was actually w/c 6 Jan 08, when we generated 478kWh.

Rgds, Peter,

Info on the Annometer received from James Jarvis in 2006.


Attached are two photos of the solar powered self-contained data logger. The only things not shown are the anemometer and the cord between the PV panel and the yellow box.

In the waterproof case there is a solar charge controller, 7 amp/hour AGM battery, and all associated fuses and connectors. All you will need to do is mount the solar panel and anemometer and turn it on. Unless the panel gets covered in snow it should have enough power to run "forever." The battery will wear out after about three years, but only costs about $18 USD and is very common.

The price for this setup is as follows:
$225 Data Logger w/temperature sensor
$85 Anemometer
$18 128 megabyte SD card
$15 USB SD card reader
$330 solar powered self contained (includes all hardware described above)

We'll include whatever length anemometer cable you need for free. If you need a lock for the case, solar panel mount, or weather proof enclosure mounting hardware we can provide that for a nominal fee.

The weight of this package is approximately 16 lbs. Global Express Mail shipping is $75.60. FedEx international priority (48 hours) is $161. We currently have the package in stock and can ship on Monday.

Let me know if there is more information I can provide or if you would like to proceed.

Thanks and have a great weekend,

-James Jarvis

JPEG image (1Mb limit) Solar powered annometer
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Solar powered annometer
Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Ben Ashton - 2009-11-27 14:17:45

I'm currently looking at installing a micro wind turbine, and have opted to purchase a Power Predictor from Better Generation after recommendation from the Energy Saving Trust. The device has a built in logger and once you've recorded enough wind speed data, the Power Predictor website analyses it for you and produces a power report. This report shows projected payback times, energy bill savings, and CO2 savings achievable for the main wind turbines and solar panels on the market, which all have their output data stored within the Power Predictor database.

Itís all very clever and in my opinion a vital first step which should prevent you from purchasing the wrong turbine or solar panels. I've decided to setup a blog to review the power predictor and document my results which you can find here: http://www.powerpredictorreview.com

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Quentin Gargan - 2011-01-16 20:32:06
I've used a few.

I used the Inspeed on, but found it became unreliable and started under-reading after about 6 months. Have just ordered a pro anemometer kit from Windlogger. It looks to be well made.

I use a Madgetech logger - it can go right down to 1 second readings, or longer periods if you want it to run for longer.

We also have a logger from Windlogger (above) which records onto an SD card.

I would caution against relying on this entirely to give you an estimate of the income from a wind turbine.

Anemometer cups get pushed by the wind, regardless of turbulence levels, whereas turbine blades are more severely affected by turbulence.

Good luck with it. Quentin.

Turbotricity Wind Turbines

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Stuart - 2011-01-17 09:29:35
Good point about the turbulence.


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? danny frost - 2011-01-26 14:46:28

I have been using a Power Predictor from Better Generation on a 12m mast for about a year- one got damp in the logger but they sent me a new one- also cows knocked the mast down- so you need to keep stock out!

I am really glad I did measure my windspeed as NOABL and other desk top systems are wildly off most of the time- I have just researched 35 sites around the UK for a Msc thesis and I would never consider spending £20-50k on a wind turbine without measuring the wind for a minimum 18 months.

My own site is predicted at 6.8m/s windspeed but has only measured 3.2 (but Power Predictor estimates 5m/s) over the last 16 months- this makes a huge difference on FITs incomes and pay back times.

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Stuart - 2011-01-26 15:04:06

Yopu dont fancy posting a copy of your MSC on here do you? Sounds very interesting.


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? danny frost - 2011-01-27 08:55:19
As it hasn't officially been marked yet I am not sure- and it is quite a big document- I am totally happy to email it to you and anybody else if you send me your address to timber@dannyfrost.co.uk


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2011-02-05 19:07:48
As it happens I have been using an APRS anemometer & data logger for the past few years. They work extremely well. I have literally today just upgraded to the latest model as the version I had wasn't able to operate with the XBee potted modem (which APRS also supply to allow the logger to wirelessly communicate directly with a PC some distance away). Up to now I haven't bothered with this as the APRS anyway writes daily files to an SD card in the logger and you can then download these manually to your PC from time to time.

However, a few months ago I got some s/w which allows me to view the outputs from my Bergey Xantrex inverter in real time, so I thought it would be useful/nice to be able to log the anemometer in real time too.

As a result, I had to upgrade, but have the old spare APRS logger unit & SD card available, if you are interested? You would need to supply your own anemometer (& temperature gauge etc. if you wish to log this or other info too), your own power supply and a waterproof box (assuming itís mounted outside?)

Let me know if you are interested & we can discuss. If you send me your email address I can supply photos. The unit is working perfectly but I guess will be out of warranty. I should have the manual somewhere.


p.s. if you check my blog under the 'Green Blogs' on this site, you will find I wrote a piece about the logger a while ago.

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2011-02-15 17:54:44
I have listed the APRS data logger on ebay should anyone be interested, with a starting price of 99p.

It can be found at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230586467965.

Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2011-02-15 17:58:41
I have listed the APRS data logger on ebay should anyone be interested, with a starting price of 99p.

It can be found at this link.


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? Jan Barani - 2011-04-20 13:19:14
Last year we started producing an accurate (+/-1%) and affordable anemometer and data logger system that is very easy to set up.

The anemometer & wind data logger kit is designed to accurately evaluate a locations viability for wind energy, to prevent a consumer from waisting his money and resources or to verify that his expensive wind turbine placement is effective.

It enables a consumer to reliably know whether he/she has enough wind to make a wind turbine installation viable.

To this effect, 3% or 5% measurement errors found in most anemometers can lead to large errors (9.3% and 15.8%) in available wind power estimates. Our anemometer features a wind tunnel verified 1% accuracy in the wind energy wind speed range (5-28m/s) for a price of $300USD while most wind data logging systems of this accuracy cost in excess of $500 USD.

I hope I answered you question satisfactorily.

Here are links to more product details and pictures:
Please let me know if you have further questions or would like more info,
Best regards,
Jan Barani


Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed? John White - 2011-07-05 09:45:20
I'm a bit late to this party! Though in my defense I've been lurking on this site for a couple of years.

Just in case anyone reads this thread again -

I've used a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station to log the weather for the last 3 years and found it very good. The weather station is mounted on pole about 80 metres away and through a stone wall and a brick wall and communicates wirelessly with a console which is plugged into an old laptop. I also use a Davis datalogger so that I can capture the data when the pc is off or there's a powercut and it gives me a usb connection to the laptop.

The weather station has a battery backup and a small solar panel and it hasn't failed once in 3 years. The entire setup was about £600 (imported from the US) though which is a hefty chunk of cash but I'm very impressed with the data it gives me.

I wouldn't have considered a wind turbine without the data to back it up. I now log the production of my two turbines alongside wind readings and if I have one tip it is to mount your anemometer several metres+ in the air if you can and ideally in the same spot you plan for the turbine so that you get more realisic readings you can use to predict the wind speed at a given height and your hypothetical turbine's production.


Re: Anybody use an anemometer to measure windspeed? Peter - 2011-07-15 10:31:57
Wind data from our anemometer can be found here.

The anemometer is positioned at 8m height, 1/3 of the height of the tower, so doesn't fully reflect the wind speed at the turbine head.

We use an APRS anemometer, wind vane & logger & Davis rain guage (although the rain measurements are not included with the readings shown here).


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