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Connecting a turbine to the grid
by Barbara Welford at 2007-09-28 23:08:59 (Forum::Public::Wind)
We have permission from the National Park to install a 10kva Bergey turbine.
However, NEDL say that they will not allow us to connect it at our house incase it generates too much electricity and puts the voltage up.
The Bergey is fitted with a GridTek inverter which automatically shuts down within 2 seconds if the voltage rises beyond 110% of nominal. In addition there is a secondary protective relay package which conforms with the British G83 standard and its settings meet UK utility standards. NEDL say that they will not accept that these devices work.

They have said that we can connect at the substation. This would be a possibility but would involve us in more expense. Also we would not be able to use any of the electricity but would be obliged to export it all, probably at a lower cost.

It seems that NEDL are within their rights to refuse to connect our turbine. We would not have trouble with a smaller turbine. They have the monopoly so it is not possible to go elsewhere.

This seems contradictory when the government is encouraging people to consider installing alternatives so that we can meet our targets on carbon emissions.

We cannot see a solution to this and will be writing to our MP next.
Barbara Welford

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Connecting a turbine to the grid Barbara Welford - 2007-09-28 23:08:59
Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Wilco - 2007-09-30 01:57:18
Why don't you install a Eoltec Scirocco 6kW. In higher winds it produces 85% of the Bergey Excel-S and in lower wind speeds it produces the same as the Bergey.
This is actual data from high winds of Montana USA. The Eoltec Scirocco is a very advanced Wind Turbine, smaller in size, 5.6 metres compared to the Bergey which is about 7 metres. It uses variable pitch to regulate the rpm. It also produces less noise than the Bergey, because the rpm is lower.
It is a no-brainer to me.
The inverter is a 6kW made by PowerOne which used to be Magnetek.
Your electricity company will very likely not have problem with it because the size is smaller, but you know better now, right.
Visit http://www.eoltec.com for dealers in the UK or visit http://www.solacity.com for more in depth information regarding the Eoltec Scirocco.
We ourselves are a dealer of the Eoltec Scirocco in Canada -
Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Simon Ridout - 2007-09-30 08:44:02
Back in December 2006, I asked the following question about wind turbines, while awaiting planning permission: 'What knowledge about the process of selection, planning, grants, installation etc do you have now, which you wished you had at the start?'
If I was asked the same question now, first on my list would be: make sure that you and/or your installer have talked to your electricty company about the practicalities of grid connection. I needed my supply 11000/240 volt transformer retapping as my supply voltage was 253 volts, leaving insufficient operating range between 253 and 260 volts, when the inverter disconnects from the grid. This took 1076 and 4 months to sort out. United Utilities, my regional electricity company, has a target time of answering questions in 90 working days and my experince suggests that they aim to take 90 days, even if it could be done quicker.
You may need to go down to a 5 or 6KW machine to be able to export under the G83 rules.
The other useful information that I learnt is that everthing takes longer than expected. My foundation metal work did not arrive until two days before I would had to cancel the prebooked readymix delivery and helpers, my actual instalation was delayed two weeks, waiting for a delayed delivery, I believe because Proven's subcontractor could not provide the tower on time. After installation, waiting for spare parts has been the major source of delay in sorting out problems, with two delays, each in the order of 4 weeks.



Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Bryan Rendall - 2007-10-01 20:03:33
Hi Wilco,

Do you have any kWh figures you can share with us for these 2 turbines in Montana? Here in Orkney, the owners are getting around 20-25,000 kWh per annum from their Scirocco's, with mean annual windspeeds of around 6 - 7 m/s. One customers machine we use as a reference turbine does about 24,000 kWh a year on a 6.7 m/s site (windspeed taken from the DTI / NOABL database), and thats only on a 12m tower!

We installed another customers turbine at the beginning of September, and this has produced 1559 kWh in the month, despite the last week being completely flat calm, something that is most unusual in Orkney, especially in September! That one is on a 6.0 m/s mean annual wind speed site according to DTI / NOABL, and again is on a 12 m tower

Bryan Rendall

Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Ben Cosh - 2007-11-06 15:29:06

We've put a few applications into NEDL on behalf of our clients. In general they are cautious about 10kw machines: mainly due to overvoltage and loss of mains - the loss of mains issue can be sorted with a second relay but the overvoltage issue is harder to deal with.

However in all occcasions where there have been difficulties with a 10kw, they have been ok with a 6kw machine - under G83 so it practically plug and play.

So with a 6kw machine the only major hurdle is planning, and if you habe permission from the national park, then that's already sorted.

As Bryan says a 6KW Eoltec produces almost as mush as a 10KW machine, so it might be worth exploring. Pls let me know if we can help
Ben Cosh (an impartial installer)

Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Peter - 2008-07-03 16:38:29
I note that this Bergey 10kW turbine has now been erected and gone live. Particularly significant as this turbine is located within the North York Moors National Park.

I understand that on 'switch on' it was immediately producing around 8kW.

Well done!



Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid muymalestado - 2008-07-04 09:36:43
Thanks Peter - how / where did you see that this installation has completed?
Re: Connecting a turbine to the grid Peter - 2008-07-04 09:42:12
Mike Seeley of Winsund International (www.winsund.com), who supervised the installation, called me to let me know.

We can probably get a photograph up. I believe the Bergey Excel turbine is on a 88ft guyed latticed tower.



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