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Re: Brine/Anti freeze needing replaced in GSHP
by David Hobbs at 2013-02-11 10:19:34 (Ask an Expert)
Well just to be sure I'm not giving out incorrect information I have checked with my supplier (Ice Energy) this morning and they have confirmed the antifreeze they use is good for the life of the system. Of course, if there were any leaks the system would have to be topped up with fresh mixture of the appropriate strength, but this would be a pretty catastrophic failure and the cost of fresh antifreeze would be the least of my worries.

For the record, my system contains 140 litres of antifreeze, giving protection to -18 deg. C. In a well designed system you would never expect to approach these temperatures. My own system has been in use through the last four winters and the return temperature to the ground loop has never fallen below -2.3 deg. C. Today, the return temperature is +0.5 deg. C.

I notice you say that the "brine" has been topped up with glycol. I don't think you would mix glycol with brine; surely you would use one or the other?

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