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Re: Exmork Wind Turbines
by Quentin Gargan at 2011-01-16 19:56:44 (Forum::Public::Wind)
I'm sorry, but I have also come across this brand of turbine - in a skip. Like many people who work with wind, I have bought a number of Chinese turbines to try out, and without exception, they all failed. This isn't a prejudice on my part - I work with excellent Chinese solar panels, and I'm typing this (and you're probably reading it) on a Chinese laptop.

Companies trying to develop a decent rugged wind turbine now find that to sell in the UK, they have to meet very expensive MCS testing standards. We may grumble at this, but the reason is because very low cost turbines have given so much trouble.

For example see the reports at http://www.thewindandyourwallet.com/?p=16 and elsewhere on that website.

A wind turbine is not something to trifle with. The blade tip of a turbine can be doing 7 or 8 times the wind speed, and if the controller fails, it can often do a lot more.

Hopefully you have a decent G83 inverter that can be used, and the tower can be used for another turbine with modified mountings. It isn't all a write-off, but for safety reasons, I wouldn't re-install, even if it was under warranty. Sorry.


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