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Re: Getting a better price for your ROCís
by BigSkeff at 2008-06-17 21:40:01 (Forum::Public::ROC Questions)
Thanks Stuart,

Well that went down like a lead balloon !!

ĎTwas just an idea to get a better deal and to save some hard earned ££ís for myself and anyone in a similar boat. Guess everyone is sorted and on £50/ROC and 10p/Kwh exported.

Never the less it should save me over £100 or so Iíve now registered with both Ofgem and eROC and received conformation that Iím fully set up to both receive ROCs from generators and to transfer them in one lump to eROC to be auctioned, all online and from within the Roc-register. Registering with Ofgem is now very simple and not to be avoided. Who would want to give away, to an agent, control of such a valuable commodity ?

You mention a ďneed to set up some form of legal body to limit the liability of the individual who acts as the administrator.Ē I agree and thank you for your offer to investigate. As most people, like yourself, may perhaps be tied into some form of possibly binding agreement for this years ROCs, there will then a year to set something up. Thatís if thereís any need, the maths change next year with the advent of double ROCs.

In case anyone thinks they are locked into a contract because they had to sign an annual ( March to April ) 'Sale & Buy-Back Agreement' with their supplier when they first registered with Ofgem. Please check to see if it has lapsed, as since the 1st April 2007 Ofgem no longer requires generators to provide a 'Sale & Buy-Back Agreement' in order to be eligible for ROCs.

Yours James

Planet 'B' presumed non existent.

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