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Re: Getting a better price for your ROCís
by Stuart at 2008-06-12 09:57:38 (Forum::Public::ROC Questions)
Great idea BigSkeff.

I would love to be part of a RRR Rocs selling group, as everyone would appear to benefit.

As I see it we would need one person to act as the administrator to handle the OFGEN registration and liaise with EROCS.

I guess we would also need to set up some form of legal body to limit the liability of the individual who acts as the administrator, and to make signing ones Rocs over less of an act of faith.

One root would be a Coop or a Company limited by guarantee.

I have a friend who is a company secretary who I will question.

But count me in for next year. As sadly I donít feel that in will be able to extricate myself from my existing ROC set up to allow me to take part this year.

What do others say?

Do we have anyone with relevant skills who could help?


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