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Re: Schools and Wind Turbines
by BigSkeff at 2008-05-25 14:15:31 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Hello Andy, We are a Parish Council in East Yorkshire with a Proven 6 KW Turbine to provide power for the Village Hall. It was installed last February and has been going well. I have now managed to get a WiFi connection set up with a remote access point in the village hall so that the data collected buy a 'WebBox' can be uploaded to a site called SUNNY PORTAL
which is provided free by the inverter manufacturers SMA. Click on 'Public Available Plants'. Filter to 'UK' and choose 'Skeffling Wind Power' to view our results.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the data only goes back to the 6th of April this year but I hope to upload the rest of the production data in the near future. I have eventually managed to get the 'Sensor Box' connected with it's associated sensors for Wind Speed, InSolAtion, Ambient Temp and one to measure the temp in direct sunlight which I have called Roof Temp. it is actually for measuring the temp of a PV array which we don't have. All the same the results are now coming in and over time will, hopefully, be of interest and use to someone.

You can't download the data from the site but I'm sure I will be able to work something out and you are, as is anyone, welcome to whatever data we collect. There's a direct link to our results and some detailed pictures of the installation of the Turbine on www.bigskeff4.homecall.co.uk and also a very frustrating Helicopter game in the playground section.

Yours James.

--- Planet 'B' presumed non existent.

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