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Re: payback times
by Peter at 2008-03-09 21:20:01 (Forum::Public::Wind)

Herewith some information from our 'pay-back' experience, so far (since Nov 06).

February 2008 has been a 'good' month overall in generation terms, with over 1,800kWh generated from our Bergey 10kW turbine; indeed the last two weeks of the month produced 591 & 508 kWh respectively. But, it was a month of extremes as February also included our ‘worst’ week early in the month, when only 31kWh was generated in a 7 day period!

But, as has been suggested previously, pay-back is a tough thing to determine as there are so many imponderables – e.g. installation costs, future cost of power, unforeseen maintenance, the value of RoCs and/or other ‘incentives’, cost of capital, the value of your spill-over contract (buy-back) deal with your electricity company, the £/$ exchange rate (in our case), to name just a few.

Barring the enforceable, we expected pay-back to be around 10 years (excluding the cost of capital). In practice, after 16 months, we are a little ahead of this …. but time will tell and I am certainly not counting our chickens. And having gone down the ‘heavy-metal’ route, we will be disappointed if our turbine does not carry on operating for well over 20 years.

For what it’s worth, details of a spreadsheet calculator (specifically designed for our 10kW Bergey turbine, but which can probably be adapted with relatively little effort if you are reasonably proficient in Excel), can be found at www.renew-reuse-recycle.com/showarticle.pl?ft=0;id=684;n=707 .

Hope this helps.


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