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Re: Air Car - report from the Times Newspaper
by muymalestado at 2008-02-22 09:39:54 (Blog::Peter)
Stuart at 2008-02-22 08:45:34
"I would guess a bad accident with such a car could result in a big bang ..."

Ditto the hydrogen car and LPG fuel car, but these tanks do exist now in most workshops using welding gases.

Their weight versus the weight of a tankful of petrol/diesel seems to indicate that there must be a universal weight-cost in providing transport whether that be personal transport or mass transit. If such a weight exists it indicates a universal minimum energy expenditure below which we'll never get.

The question then is can energy be captured from a benign source and converted into moving this weight while giving off the minimum harmful emissions.

It seems unlikely that people once habituated to transport will easily give it up. I wouldn't like to.

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