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Re: Schools and Wind Turbines
by Simon Ridout at 2008-01-25 18:07:09 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Schools certainly need to get their act together. 15 months ago, when I was applying for planning permission for my turbine, I contacted a local secondry school (no names but it is situated at the mouth of the river Cocker) which has a publically funded Provern 6KW turbine. They could not tell me the output (KWHours per month). It definately appeared to be a case of could not, rather than would not, so it really made be wonder about their level of understanding of the subject. Photos of the installation on the school website shows a windyboy inverter with an output gauge!

There are a huge number of publically funded (partially or completely) wind turbines of all sizes. It should be a condition of the funding that actual outputs are published.

After I was awarded my grant by the EST, I had a letter advising me of the uncertainty of wind turbines producing as much power as was expected, however there was no request for information on output after the turbine was commissioned and the grant paid.

RRR is making a good start in wind turbine owners being honest and open about their power output, however this is only a start.

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