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Re: Power needed questions
by Simon at 2007-12-18 10:32:15 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Good questions.

Car batteries are primarily designed to provide a large burst of power in a short time (for starting an engine), so aren't ideally suited to this application.

Generally solar/wind storage batteries are lead acid 'deep cycle' batteries which are designed to cope with long discharge cycles and rapid charge cycles.

"Marine Leisure Batteries" - for powering the electrics on boats - used to be a very popular choice, but there are other options too.

Both amps and volts are important, it's a balance that needs to be achieved and it's a dynamic balance that changes as the battery is charged up. Hence quite sophisticated circuit design these days. Overcharging a lead acid battery can lead to unpleasant explosions.

Assuming you don't just want to run a separate 6v, 12v or 24v lighting circuit then you'll need an "inverter" to convert your DC to 240v AC to power your appliances.

When it comes to hooking it all up to the national grid then there are lots of specific regulations and equipment requirements aside from just the amps and volts (plus there's the phase to consider as well).

For instance, there has to be a way for your solar/wind/battery power source to automatically disconnect from the grid if the grid goes down (to avoid electrocuting the field engineers working on the grid fault).

Hope some of that's useful. It's quite a complex subject.

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