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Peter's blog
My experiences in installing a Bergey Excel 10kW turbine.
Peter [Blog::Peter] 2008-02-21 17:16:17 | Comments: 2
The Times ran a report on 20 Feb 08 entitled "Forget biofuel, try a car that runs on air" - see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/transport/article3399532.ece

Does anyone have any further insight?

Peter [Blog::Peter] 2008-02-03 17:46:15 | Comments: 1
I have recently come across this spreadsheet calculator, which may be a helpful tool to compare the costs of a number of alternative forms of heating. Unfortunately, the numbers are calculated in $ and US gallons etc, but I guess (for someone who is conversant with Excel), it should not be too hard to convert the spreadsheet for use in the UK?
Peter [Blog::Peter] 2007-08-22 14:32:37 | Comments: 9
1st ROC payment received (Nov 06 > Mar 07)
Peter [Blog::Peter] 2007-08-08 00:16:31
The attached article appeared in Home Power Magazine April/May 2004 edition and provides a useful review of the African Wind Power (AWP) 3.6 grid-tied small wind turbine & SMA Windy Boy Inverter. It was written by Dr Bernd Geisler in a US context.
Peter [Blog::Peter] 2007-06-03 07:46:17 | Comments: 1
Home Power Magazine, the US journal for hands-on enthusiasts, has a useful article on wind turbines in the June/July 2007 edition. Written by Mick Sagrillo & Ian Woofenden, guru's of small wind systems, it provides an update of previous buyer’s guides produced by Mick Sagrillo.
Peter [Blog::Peter] 2007-05-04 07:55:58 | Comments: 1
A report from the US National Research Council suggests that Wind farms could generate as much as 7 percent of U.S. electricity in 15 years, but scientists want to spend more time studying the threat spinning turbine blades pose to birds and bats.

(N.B. I have not witnessed any bird or bat strike from my relatively small 10kW Bergey turbine. Mike Bergey tells me that, in over 20 years, Bergey have not had a single turbine returned for repair as a result of this issue. Likewise, this 22 ft diameter turbine has had no effect on local radio & TV signals. A combined Orange & Vodafone base station is located within 150m of the turbine).

Peter [Blog::Peter] 2007-04-05 20:38:33 | Comments: 12
In November 2006 we installed a Bergey Excel 10 kW grid-intertied system for domestic use on a 24m. guyed latticed tower. In the first four months of operation the system has generated 6,900 kWh (we would expect these winter months to be the most productive).
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