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Hockerton Housing Project Blog
Simon Tilley has been leading the development of Sustainable Hockerton which has taken sustainability to the wider community of Hockerton.

Planning permission to erect a community owned wind turbine was gained on 26th June 2008 with the support of the village. There is currently a rare opportunity to buy a 2nd Hand Vesta V29 wind turbine as specified by the planning permission to make this scheme a reality.

To help achieve this, the group has registered an Industrial Provident Society called Sustainable Hockerton Limited (Register Number 30660 R) and they are now looking for investors.

Stuart [Blog::HockertonHousing] 2008-12-30 10:04:00
We are pleased to report that one of our longest standing supporters, Ecology Building Society, are continuing as a main sponsor of HHP's website for the next year. Ecology were our mortgage provider of choice back in the early days of HHP and remain very much a champion of innovative sustainable housing developments and community projects that other lenders may not consider fundable.
The homes at the Hockerton Housing Project have just received their quarterly energy bills. The average bill was in fact a credit of over £20/family and over £250 towards a contingency pot. How has this been achieved whilst other households are experiencing energy costs of well over £1,000/annum.
Sustainable Hockerton (SHOCK), a group of residents from the village of Hockerton, are celebrating the planning approval approval for the installation of a 225kW wind turbine within the parish boundary. The approval was granted on 24th June by Newark & Sherwood District Council on its first attempt.
Looking at the current bestselling books I have been very disappointed. With no sign of HHP's Saving Energy in the Home up there, the top 10 are instead dominated by the likes of Jamie Oliver & Delia Smith. Perhaps I should have called the book, 'How to cheat at paying your energy bill', or 'Powering your way down to the Good Life'. ...or maybe become a celebrity name first .....BUT then I would have to start to say 'Pukka' & 'wicked' or even worse support the Canaries!
If you were to believe much of the hype surrounding zero carbon rhetoric, and depending on the source, you could easily assume that achieving zero carbon was either very simple or absolutely impossible. Of course it is neither! Repeated claims from developers and designers that they are the first to achieve a zero carbon design sound increasingly hollow, perhaps unaware that the solutions have been available for some time. There is a risk that there is too much investment in trying to out compete others to claim some sort of fictitious prize, or indeed focusing too much on 'work-around's' to make designs look good on paper. Perhaps we should be asking what the purpose of zero carbon homes is.
Stuart [Blog::HockertonHousing] 2008-04-01 19:31:23
On a cold, but bright February day Laurence Llewelyn Bowen visited the Hockerton Housing Project to find out more about Eco homes and sustainable living. This was for a current series of ten fifteen minute programmes on Radio 4, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's History of Home, charting the changing relationship and attitudes towards our homes.
Since July 2006 residents of the parish of Hockerton have been meeting regularly to discuss ways by which it could become more sustainable and become a zero carbon 'village'. Nearly 50 people, some of whom are enthusiasts and others merely interested, have attended these open meetings. The name for the group is Sustainable Hockerton, or SHOCK.
The Hockerton Housing Project recently collaborated with the BBC Programme Blue Peter, in a special edition, 'Green Peter'.

On Tuesday 29th May, Blue Peter will become Green Peter to look at the changes that are happening to the planet and look at ways the Green Peter audience can help limit the effects of climate change. The programme is part of springwatch week on CBBC.

Stuart [Blog::HockertonHousing] 2007-03-23 12:13:56
Yvette Cooper MP, Minister for Housing and Planning, visited Hockerton Housing Project today to find out more about the issues associated with achieving zero carbon housing.
Stuart [Blog::HockertonHousing] 2007-03-22 16:07:47
Climate change a hot topic for media!
With politicians fighting over the green agenda, Government launching the Climate Change Bill last week, and Gordon Brown expanding on green taxes & incentives in this weeks budget, the environment is one of today's hot topics. HHP was considered 10 years ago to be pioneering but marginal - today it is being slowly recognised as offering serious solutions to a growing problem.
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